FHN Photo Voice Project

Posted on 05/14/2018
FHN Photo Voice Project

The First Annual FHN Photo Voice Project was held on May 11 to provide students with a platform for presenting their ideas on a variety of different topics. Students shared photographs that represented the things they like about their school, as well as the things they don’t like. The intent of Photo Voice was to celebrate student and school success and to offer ideas on how to positively impact areas that may need improvement.  

“We offer a lot of really great classes,” said junior Journie Newman. “I took the Biomed class and I really liked that, and now I’m taking anatomy. We offer a variety of classes here that can really help students for the future.”

On the other hand, “My dislikes include the cafeteria, it’s hard to get around because it’s so congested, and the hallways get really crowded during passing periods. My solution is that I’ve kind of learned to speed walk in the last three years.”

Newman believes the program can make a difference. “I think Photo Voice is important because we’re really trying to change a lot of things here at FHN, and we want to hear from students, too, because students can get our word out there to other students and administrators to make a change.”

FHN Assistant Principal Erin Steep helped to organize the event and says it was inspired by the “Gateway2Change” Student Summits on Race. “It’s a platform for students to provide input and ideas to people who are in positions to make decisions. It has a different feel, like an art gallery where we can invite people in to talk,” said Steep. “Teachers who have been through have really enjoyed it, and have had really good conversations with the kids. For every challenge that students identified, we also asked them to find a positive.”

Sophomore Jalen Fleming shared several photographs of leaky ceilings and trashcans catching rainwater. “North has some physical problems, but then we as students also have to do our part to keep things clean. Things like putting holes in the wall, writing on the walls, throwing papers on the ground, we can’t do that anymore. If we do, we’re going to be known as the trashy school, and the school that is all messed up, and it’s a two-way street. We have to believe that we can be better than any school, and we all have to do our part.”

Fleming is proud of FHN’s recognition in the recent US News & World Report high school rankings. “We’re the 22nd best high school in Missouri out of hundreds of high schools. There are kids all over the state that would beg and plead to go to a school like North. Just because the roof leaks doesn’t mean that we have to be known as a bad school. We can be the best school if we really put our minds to it. It’s on all of us, including students, to work for change and make things better.”

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