Great Gatsby Research


  • Students will be able to explain the issues and events that affected people in specific time periods, and how those issues continue to affect culture today.
  • Students will be able to present their findings about the struggles and challenges to their peers in a clear, effective manner.
  • Students will be able to make text to world, text to text connections by explaining how the challenges and issues which were taking place were evident and explored through the writing of the era.
  • Students will use various 21st Century Skills to gather and present their findings to the class.
  • Students can explain the relationship between historical events and literature as they emerge in the works of various writers of the era.
  • Students can analyze changes and make connections between the research and the literature of this unit to develop written essay. 
  • Students will incorporate technology, beyond word processing and internet searches, to organize and present their findings to the class.
  • Students will self and peer evaluate their work, offer criticism in a constructive manner, and revise their own work after receiving peer and instructor advice.
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Research Choices
Research Rubric
Research Presentation Rubric
Works Cited Scoring Guide

Jones--Daily Plan
Thro--Daily Plan

Database articles
Find a database article
To access databases off campus, see a Learning Commons staff member.

How to find a database article

* Don't forget that you can "search within results" on the databases to get better articles!
* Don't forget that databases cite themselves!
* Copy/paste your database citations into your Google Doc.

Website articles

Find a website article
Website Reliability Sheet--Complete this sheet to determine whether or not to use the website you found. Will be turned in.
How to use the EasyBib add-on in Google Docs

How to find a website article--"Internet search"--using good keywords
How to find a website article--"Online sources"--using reliable sources
Collaborative notes
Use your school Google Drive. (If you don't know how to log in to your Google Drive, go to our How do I? page.)
* Share your notes with your group members, and with your English teacher

Ms. Jones:
Ms. Wuertenberg:

* How to add a hyperlink to your collaborative notes

Works cited
Use the EasyBib add-on in Google Docs

Presentation Options

Adobe Spark--Make social graphics, short videos, webpages
Canva--Make social graphics, flyers, presentations, etc.
Powtoon--Make animated presentations with comic features
Prezi--Make presentations with pan/zoom features

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