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Business Department Classes 2018-19
Classes in RED can be taken as a freshman

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) for any student interested in entrepreneurship, education, community service, and personal progress. Great for freshman (or any grade level) to get involved. Lots of scholarships available.
DECA: Any student enrolled in a Marketing class. Great for Junior and Seniors. Community service and networking opportunities. Lots of scholarships available.


____AP Economics (Options to meet Personal Finance credit REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION) Full year class, 1 Unit 0303271 Semester 1, 0303272 Semester 2 (Grades 11-12)

  • Learn about Micro and Macro Economics that are entry-level required classes of all colleges for business degrees.
  • Be eligible to take BOTH the AP Micro Economics and AP Macro Economics tests to obtain 6 hours of college credit.
  • Meets State Personal Finance graduation requirements by passing the Proficiency Test to gain Personal Finance Credit.

___Accounting I Full Year class, 1 Unit – 0303001 Semester 1, 030302 Semester 2 (Grades 11-12)

  • Create financial reports for a service business and a merchandising business.
  • Learn “the language of business”
  • Complete an accounting simulation

___Accounting II Full year class, 1 Unit – 0303051 Semester 1, 0303052 Semester 2 (Grades 11-12)

  • Learn advanced accounting concepts such as depreciation, inventory control and create financial reports for corporations.
  • Use automated accounting software.
  • Accounting is required for all college business majors. Get the basics now.

___Business Entrepreneurship, .5 Units – Semester Class, 0303153 (Grades 11-12)

  • Learn to make a business work through teamwork and collaboration.
  • Earn cash from stock and sales, design clothes, sell them, set and achieve your personal business goals.
  • Make the economy work for you today. Great for future small business owners.

___Business Technology Required for the Business Work Program but available for all Seniors!! Full year class, 1 Unit 0303501 Semester 1, 0303502 Semester 2. (Grades 11-12)

  • Experience all aspects of Microsoft Office 2013 for college and the work world.
  • Create a resume and learn how to prepare for an interview.
  • Use current technology to enhance projects.
  • Grades are earned through hands-on projects based on real world applications.

___Business/Cooperative Work Experience Full year class, 1 or 2 Units depending on hours worked each semester. 0303651 Semester 1, 0303652 Semester 2. (Grade 12)

  • Must be currently enrolled in the Business Technology class and credit will be determined based on hours worked.
  • Connect classroom learning with work experience.
  • Obtain assistance in finding a job that is very difficult in this economy.

___PLTW Computer Science Principles: Full year class, 1 Unit-0303851 Semester 1, 0303852 Semester 2 (Grades 9-12)

  • Foundations course for PLTW (Project Lead the Way).
  • Create Apps for mobile devices as well as game and program development.
  • Real-world learning and hands-on experience with industry standard computer languages using Python as primary tool.
  • Honors credit eligible.
  • Students will be eligible to take the AP Computer Science Principles Exam.

___PLTW Computer Science A: Full year class, 1 Unit– Prerequisite CSP 0303951 Semester 1, 0303952 Semester 2 (Grades 10-12)

  • Students collaborate to produce programs that integrate mobile devices and leverage those devices for distributed collection and data processing.
  • Students analyze, adapt, and improve each other's programs while working primarily in Java™ and other industry-standard tools.
  • Honors credit eligible.
  • Students will be eligible to take the AP Computer Science-A Exam.

___PLTW Cybersecurity: Full year class, 1 Unit– Prerequisite Computer Science A 0303971 Semester 1, 0303972 Semester 2 (Grades 11-12)

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected the demand for information security analysts will increase by 37 percent between 2012 and 2022.
  • Students will create solutions that allow people to share computing resources while protecting privacy Honors credit eligible.

___Desktop Publishing 1 - .5 Units, Semester class, 0304053 (Grades 9-12)

  • Hands on class where you get to use Photoshop and InDesign CS6,
  • Popular projects include creating your own: Marker boards, Magazine covers, Calendars, Coasters, designing your own T-Shirt logo, and many more.

___Desktop Publishing 2 -.5 Units, Semester class, 0304063 (Grades 9-12)

  • Advance your Desktop Publishing skills by using industry standard software. Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator CS6.
  • Computer/Project based.
  • Opportunity to earn an Adobe Certificate (looks great on resumes and applications).

___Introduction to Business - 1 Unit, Full year class, 0303301 Semester 1, 0303302 Semester 2. (Grades 9-10)

  • Great introduction to many business classes, learn teamwork skills and complete hands-on group projects. Learn basic marketing such as the process of creating a new product and learn how to use PowerPoint and Publisher.
  • Technology is used on daily basis to become familiar with general Internet usage now required as a life skill.

___Introduction to Computer Applications (with Keyboarding) - .5 Units, Semester class, 0304003, (Grades 9-12)

  • Learn Office 2013– Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Each program will end with a project based on real world experiences.
  • Prepare all students for college and career readiness.

___Marketing 1 Full year class, 1 Unit - 0403801 Semester 1, 0403802 Semester 2 (Grades 11-12)

  • Be part of DECA, the national association of marketing students.
  • Learn topics such as: product, price, place, and promotion.
  • Create dynamic advertisements for fun products.

___Marketing 2 Full year class, 1 Unit - 0403901 Semester 1, 0403902 Semester 2 (Grade 12)

Continue DECA fun with various activities.

  • Learn to sell products and services as well as write surveys for Marketing Research.
  • Run your own business using Virtual Business Software.

___Marketing/Cooperative Work Experience Full year class, 1 or 2 Units depending on hours worked each semester. 0403851 Semester 1, 0403852 Semester 2. (Grade 12)

  • Must be currently enrolled in Marketing 1 or Marketing 2,
  • Connect classroom learning with work experience.
  • Obtain assistance in finding a job that is very difficult in this economy.

___Multimedia 1 - .5 Units - Semester class 0303903 (Grades 9-12)

  • Learn to make dynamic movies such as a Lip Sync, Commercials, and Movie Trailers using Movie Maker and iMovie.
  • Record and edit music with our Music Mix Project using Audacity,
  • Create your own radio show using voice recordings, music, and sound effects using Garage Band.

___Multimedia 2 - .5 Units - Semester class 0303923 (Grades 9-12)

  • Learn Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Prelude.
  • Learn advanced video editing skills to create news stories, public service announcements, portfolios, commercials, mini-documentaries and much more.
  • Opportunity to earn an Adobe Certificate (looks great on resumes and applications).

___Personal Finance - REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION - .5 Units - Semester class 0303803 (Grades 11-12) Personal Finance– On-line– .5 Units Semester class 0303853 (Grades 11-12)

  • Learn to manage your finances and live a prosperous life.
  • Study Banking, Careers, Investing, and Budgeting.
  • Experience money management simulations and Virtual Stock Market Game.

___Web Page Design 1 - .5 Units - Semester class, 0303103 (Grades 9-12)

  • Design, build and manage webpages.
  • Learn HTML 5 features.
  • Project based course using notepad and Adobe Dreamweaver.

___Web Page Design 2 - .5 Units - Semester class, 0303123 (Grades 9-12)

  • Use your Web Page Design skills and Adobe Dreamweaver to design websites for actual businesses. (E-business).
  • Project based course using advanced features in Dreamweaver.
  • Learn to use JavaScript to animate your websites.

___You and the Law - .5 Units - Semester class, 0303203 (Grades 11-12)

  • Learn about landmark cases in US History and how they affect you.
  • Research topics such as insanity, death penalty, personal injury, criminal law, outdated laws, and crazy lawsuits.
  • Learn the components of contracts such as leases and installment loans.


Business and Marketing Work Programs:

  • For students that want/need a flexible schedule
  • All seniors can participate even the Senior Mentors
  • Eligible to Job Shadow in a career field of their choice
  • Students do not have to leave early. They can still take 7 classes
  • For students who need to earn additional credit to graduate
  • For students who want to increase their GPA
  • Prior work experience can provide an edge in the job market. Also, looks great on a resume.
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